Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi people. I could not come here to say just a hello soon. I've been studing hard lately.
But, I took some pictures last weekend...
This skirt my mom made for me, love it!

I'm loving your visits. I'll try to be more atencious this week!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Friday, miss you! I had a very good week... Last Friday started the famous (and really good) Carnaval. So, no doubts, I've been dancing from Friday to Monday! I got sleepy all week long! And today I'll have a time to study, sleep, watch a good movie, give a ride at the beach. And it's there I'm going now! I'll be there until Sunday, without Internet!

This picture I took last year. This is the city I go every weekend, São Francisco do Sul-SC. Although it's raining, there's my favorite place to stay, ever.

This pic I took yesterday, when I made some toasts to give me pleasure to keep me studing!

My nephew come to make me a visit yesterday. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!


Have a nice weekend all of you, thanks for your visits!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vacations JAN2010

Vacations are always good. Better when we travel. Last month my parents were supposed to travel, and I'll be at the beach with my sis. At the last chance I said I'll together. And so I did!
Dad, mom and I went to Argentine to go shopping. It was so nice! We took the opportunity and went to my cousin's house, in Brazil.

This is an old house (now a museum) in Guarapuava. This city is really beautiful. We went there on Sunday morning, and in the afternoon we spent all time long visiting the city. We took a Swiss chease on a snack bar, and I bought some candies from USA for my nephew.

The day was rainny, nothing could be better.

This picture my dad took when we were returning home.


the way I'm

Something new for me! I've never had a blog, and here I'm now!
I'm here to make new friends, talk about feelings, fashion, movies, books and music.
My name is Nayara and I live in Brazil. I speak English since I was 6, and German. I love languages and all about the culture of the world. When I have a free time, I spend it reading books about countries, and looking for places that makes my heart beats faster!
I'm curious to know you. Let's change ideas!