Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hippie? Not at all!

As I told you, I'm just in love about socks and sandals, and I've always in love with cardigans. I like when it looks such a 'hippie remember', also with the headband.

The days are getting colder here, and the rain came together;that's why the lasts post I was not able to take pictures outside. But tomorrow is holiday here, and I'll spend some days at the beach with my family, and maybe I'll move to an other city to have some fun with some friends.

As I will have such a good 'free' time, probably I'll have time and criativity to take some pictures. Have a good day, all you!


Feriado chegando, acho que terei tempo suficiente para tirar fotos com criatividade!

What do you believe in?

After a long time without posting, here I am again! I spent my weekend alone, at home. It looks like something boring, but I was able to think about many things, organize all my closet (again), study and I also sew a skirt! Next post I'll show you :)
I'm such in love about wearing socks with opened shoes, like sandals or still with close sandals, whatever. It looks like a glamour winter like in England. I was not able to use something like this, but now I'm changing my point of view and I'm really liking this kind of combination. What do you think about it? Have a nice Sunday!
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Ps.: Sorry for the bad quality about this pictures :(

I was wearing:
C&A T-SHIRT (it's my daddy's pijama!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As I told at the last post, here are the pictures! I really like all of them. My little cousin, just ten years old, helped me to shoot. I just said her which position she should get and she got the job :)
Hope you like it! @nayittner

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No time, no lie!

I'm totally crazy about my blog, I confess you! I love being here, sharing my pictures with all you and also giving my opinion for you. But I'm so lazzy about taking pictures everyday!
This weekend I found a place really nice and I decide to take some shoots there. But I was really inspirated, so I took more than hundred pics! I'll post all of them all week long :) Hope you like! xoxo