Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hippie at all

This week had finished for me 1pm, when my class ended. I won't have classes tomorrow neither on Friday, because of the holiday. So, I'm able to do anything I want during four days...
I'll go to the beach soon, with my sister and then on Saturday we'll go to an other beach, where my dad lives... I'll spend the easter with my hole family. By day way, I'm telling you now because probably I won't have time to check my blog in this days... as I didn't have last days!
I didn't take new photos, but I really wanna post some that I took last year. I really love them.
My sister took it, and she do it very well, as she is a good nurse, a good scrapper, a good mom, a good administrator and a very, very good sister!

This scarf and this pants are from 70's, my aunt gaves
because she said that my eye
lights up when I see them!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday with rain

Today I woke up really early, even I went to sleep late yesterday. Today was my day to make the lunch here, so I went to the supermarket. This vest I made with my mom last Friday, I really love the way it changes all my outfits, because it's not so casual and you can use it with many other clothes. This belt is really old, but I still like it.

Salad, milk, bread, rice, juice, chicken, fish, coffee,
water, coconut water, soap, lip care (...)

Have a good week, and thanks for your visits!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful Mess!

Hey everybody! I miss posting here, but I was reforming my house and I had no time to take pictures and neither to write here. But this morning I took all my clothes to organize into my wardrobe. I spent all Saturday long, and now it's almost midnight here and I'm really tired.

Take a look how was my bedroom:

Some of my clothes at floor.

More and more clothes!

This are some of my favorite dresses,
colorfull and amazing!

I tried to share the clothes with them colours...
It's better to find when you are not with time...

...and finally, after a long day working,

Have a nice night, xoxo